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The leather used in all my projects is Vegetable Tan Leather. This is leather that is treated using natural items found in nature such as, Oak, Spruce, Willow bark, Chestnuts, etc. This possess takes longer but friendlier to the environment.

The leather(s) used by Old Drum leather Works is, Pueblo from the Badalassi Cario Tannery in Italy the other is Buttero form the Conceris Walpier Tannery in Italy. All-natural tan leather is purchased from Hermann Oak Leather Co in St. Louis, MO. All leather and other items are purchased by small companies here in the USA.Leather CAN be mixed and matched.

Project Time

Some project can take from two to five days depending on how may items are being made. Deliveries from the wholesalers usually take up to a week and a half. Note: Not all leather color is kept in stalk as space is limited in my shop.

Wholesale Companies

All the wholesale companies I buy from are located in the USA.

For special orders email @ olddrumleather@gmail.com or message through IG @olddrumleatherworks

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